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There is no “abnormal" body, just different bodies.

We exert the power of difference to make a difference, to normalize different body conditions and to eliminate victimization and stigmatization.

We envision a community that can see and hear more stories of different bodies, and help shape a culture that celebrate differences, and encourages self-acceptance and positive self-image.

Through creative strategies, educational programs, and innovative content and productions, we cultivate positive mindset and transform the visually oriented culture heavily driven by social media.


 Through curated exhibitions, events and workshops, we let people see more different types of REAL bodies.

Diversify & Normalize

Oversized Fashion

Celebrate instead of victimize the body; educate youth to embrace who they are through creative productions

Celebrate & Educate


Grow a creative network to drive cultural changes and facilitate collaborations among brands and NGOs.

Connect & Collab

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