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Pherfect Visions

We develop innovative content and productions to promote diversity within the women group and expand the representation of women in the visual landscape. We question the notions normalcy; through our gender and body-conscious creative strategies, we aim to normalize different conditions of the body, eliminate victimization and shape a culture of positive self image, easing the burdens of social assumptions and beauty standards on women, educating and cultivating positive mindset in the younger generation.


Let individual voices drive our campaigns and make them heard through curated exhibitions, events and workshops

Diversify & Decentralize

Oversized Fashion

Celebrate instead of victimize the body; gamify and digitize our  education programs.

Celebrate & Educate


Grow a creative network to drive cultural changes and facilitate collaborations among creators and NGOs.

Connect & Collab

Pherfect Missions

  • Challenge social assumptions and the homogenization of social media culture

  • Empower and educate women to embrace their new normal in both physical conditions and their affected roles in the society and families.

  • Raise awareness in brands about the connection between the representations of women and mental as well as physical health. 

  • Provide creative solutions for NGOs to fill the gap between the younger generation and traditional charity models.    

  • Connect with creative professionals and cultivate a culture that celebrates differences and expands the concept of self image, one that is not defined by an idealized body, professions and social status, but personal need and experiences.

  • Advance the non-profit sector by utilizing digital technology and exploring the potential in the web3, enhancing efficiency and giving voices and resources to the right people and places.

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